A U.K. restaurant offers free kids meals if their parents stay off their phones

It seems like kids aren't the only ones having issues with extended screen time -- parents need to be checked too.

An American-Italian restaurant in the U.K. has implemented a campaign where kids can eat free if their parents don't use their phones during their meal.

Frankie and Benny's decided to enact a mobile phone ban after they surveyed 1,500 people and results showed that  70 percent of kids thought their parents liked being on their phones more than they liked spending time with them. Parents also admitted to being on their phones while having a meal with their family and 23 percent said they did it while their child was telling them about their day. 

The restaurant's “No Phone Campaign” encourages parents to drop their phones in a box and stay off of them in an effort to spend quality time together. While the restaurant isn't forcing parents to hand over their smartphones, they are offering a free kids meal if they do choose to participate.

"We've found giving families the chance to part with their devices for a mere couple of hours is a great way to bring them closer and embrace family time," the restaurant said in a statement to the Independent. 

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The campaign runs until Dec. 7.

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