New Issa Rae web series tackles millennial experience with fresh perspective

Issa Rae began her career on the web series "Awkward Black Girl", introducing a fresh wave of talent and a new way to consume digital entertainment. Up next: "GIANTS."

Starring and written by James Bland, the scripted drama, produced by Rae’s production company, follows three friends as they struggle through depression, financial hardships and broken relationships.

“It shows the nuisances of being a millennial,” said Vanessa Baden Kelly, who plays Journee on the show. “Our generation is looking for an authentic experience at living and living out our dreams.”

While "GIANTS” is only on its third episode, it has already sent viewers on a roller coaster of emotions, and Kelly is headed to Spelman College on Thursday to dive deeper into the conversation.

Want to learn more? Watch the video to find out what else you can expect during the premiere season, and check out the trailer below.