Tim Allen reveals why he's jealous of Tom Hanks

On the “Tonight Show,” Tim Allen voiced some frustrations he has about who gets the best lines in the "Toy Story" movies between himself and his co-star, Tom Hanks.

Allen said on the "Tonight Show," "My whole life is this: 'Come on Woody, watch out Woody, Woody, Woody come on Woody.' Tom Hanks goes on and on, lot of Academy Awards."

Jimmy Fallon certainly seemed to feel for Allen, adding at the end of that little dialogue that they should “Give Buzz a line!” But we’ve certainly seen worse fights between Buzz Lightyear and Woody before!

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Woody said in "Toy Story," "Okay. Come on. You want a piece of me?!"

In all seriousness though, Tim Allen did confirm what we already know — that there would be a "Toy Story 4."

And both he and Tom Hanks will be reportedly reprising their roles as Buzz and Woody.

Entertainment Weekly reported John Lasseter will be directing the film. But apparently, Lasseter was originally unsure if there would be a "Toy Story 4" at all.

"We love these characters so much, they're like family to us … We don’t want to do anything with them unless it lives up to or surpasses what’s gone before."

Many critics though are wary of Hollywood's ability to ruin franchise with unnecessary or forced sequels.But a writer for Time is hopeful "Toy Story 4" will be different. "I can't imagine a better ending than where they left us last time. That said, I really hope I'm wrong."

"Toy Story 4" is set to be released June 16, 2017. To infinity and beyond, folks.

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