TV host told by viewer that she definitely needs makeover

One fan of a popular Australian morning news show didn’t hold back when criticizing the fashion choices of “ABC Breakfast” host Virginia Trioli.

The letter starts out on a positive note, with the letter-writer claiming to be a daily viewer. However, it quickly goes downhill from there.

The letter-writer claims that Trioli is “definitely in need of a makeover.” Everything from the host’s hair to her clothes and eyeglass choices are taken to task.  Trivoli is instructed to “get rid of her straggly bits” of hair, and ditch the dark eyeglass frames because they make her look “owlish.”

As for the host’s clothes, the letter-writer asks, “Did you obtain your clothes from a charity shop?”

Sounding a bit remorseful, the letter concludes by saying the advice is not meant to insult Trioli but to help her look 40 instead of 60.

Trioli posted the letter on her Twitter account and is taken the unflattering letter in stride.

According to Mashable, working in the Australian media industry is particularly tough on women, who are more often judged on their fashion sense than their news reporting capabilities.