Full video of Prince's epic 'SNL 40' appearance released

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Prince’s performance at the "SNL 40" after-party in February 2015 had previously been the stuff of late-night lore.
Shortly after it happened, Jimmy Fallon excitedly told the tale of the epic act on the “Tonight Show” and, with only bits and pieces of the performance on the Internet at the time, we all pretty much had to take his word for it.

That is, until now.

On Friday,

" target="_blank">SNL alum Tim Kazurinsky posted the full video of Prince’s performance of “Let’s Go Crazy” from the perfectly timed “Dearly inebriated” intro to the awesome moment Prince passed his guitar into the crowd.

What makes this performance so much better is a drunk Jimmy Fallon jamming out on stage while Maya Rudolph excitedly plays a fan girl next to him. Chris Rock and Cuba Gooding Jr. jump in for a little bit of background singing and you can even see Martin Short having a great time on the side.
It’s easy to see why Fallon described this as the best night of his life.