Ellen DeGeneres offers to help John Travolta’s daughter learn to parallel park, quickly regrets it

The first time John Travolta’s daughter, Ella, appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she was 9 years old.

This week, she returned with her learner’s permit in hand. Her proud papa gushed about how much his little girl was growing up, but one thing that she found challenging as a new driver was parallel parking.

DeGeneres decided she could help Ella learn to parallel park and even offered her car up as a learning tool.

Once her car, which looked more like a yacht to us, pulled around, Travolta and DeGeneres jumped in the back seat as Ella took the wheel.

“Seat belts,” Ella reminded them as they piled into the car.

Slowly, Ella crept into the tiny parking spot with the huge vehicle. It was clear DeGeneres was losing patience with the whole ordeal because she bailed out of the car as soon as she could.

“That is taking way too long,” DeGeneres said.