Why is Tropicalia beer so hard to find?

Want a six-pack of Tropicalia in your fridge? Join the club. The world-class IPA, rated 4.32/5 by BeerAdvocate, is a masterful blend of tropical fruit notes at the front with a smooth, clean finish. It's one of the highest rated beers in Georgia and is the flagship for three-year-old Creature Comforts Brewing in Athens.

The popluar beer has become increasingly available on-tap in bars and restaurants, but six packs remain in short supply, leading some retailers to stash it away on delivery days for their best customers, prompting less well-connected shoppers to get creative.

“We have a few guys who follow the delivery truck to the store,” says Matt Walton, a former associate at Lucky’s Beverage World in Woodstock. “They know which distributor brings the Tropicalia and they study those delivery routes. As soon as the beer is offloaded, they will try to buy all the Tropicalia we received.”

The brewery has even fielded complaints about independent retailers price gouging six packs for $18. Regular retail price is $10.99.

So why is Tropicalia so scarce? Here's why.