New app helps skip the line at Slutty Vegan

Slutty Vegan has become so popular, people will wait hours in line on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard in Atlanta for a chance to taste one of their provocative menu items, such as the One Night Stand and get #Sluttified.

If you are short on time, but want to try the plant-based offerings at the restaurant, there is an app that makes it possible to get one of the Impossible Burgers before you starve.

Wait Up! is an app specifically designed to help Slutty Vegan customers avoid long lines by having a "wait specialist" stand in their place. You can book a specialist for a small fee and will receive an update every 15 to 20 minutes until your order is ready to be picked up. Other similar apps exist, but this one pairs with a specific restaurant where diners encounter long lines waiting for the fresh food.

“Partnering with Slutty Vegan appealed to me because it’s fresh, and people will wait in line for her products,” Robertson said. “My schedule didn’t allow me the time to wait for the food, so I thought of a concept to help myself and others get the food without the hassle of waiting.”

Robertson, along with Shawnquita Shedrick and Raquel Neely launched Wait Up! on June 1. Getting the word out proved to be an obstacle for the trio - but public response is steadily increasing. They are hiring "wait specialists," and the starting pay is $10 an hour for every reservation that's booked. Wait Up! will also partner with Slutty Vegan's food trucks and the restaurant's second location, which is slated to open in downtown Jonesboro.

“We made several phone calls and pop-up visits over the course of six months before we were able to secure a meeting with the general manager of Slutty Vegan,” Neely said. “We held the first meeting on the hood of my car due to store renovations at the time, and after that we built the app around Pinky’s restaurant.” Pinky Cole opened the plant-based burger joint in January and has drawn crowds of diners since.

You can download WaitUp! in the Google Play store, Apple store, or click here to book a specialist. For detailed information on Wait Up! please visit or Instagram. And in case you were wondering, a One Night Stand when it comes to the Slutty Vegan is a loaded Impossible Burger.