First Look: Tin Can Fish House and Oyster Bar, Sandy Springs

The look: Nestled in the upscale City Walk at Sandy Springs strip mall, the space is surprisingly secluded, especially compared to the gridlock on nearby Roswell Road. Inside, the ambience is kitschy seaside cafe meets party hearty spring break bar, with tropical colors, fish art and beer signs. On sunny days, the spacious patio makes a breezy refuge.

The scene: Depending on the day and time, the scene shifts like the tides at the seashore. Mostly, the mix is families, couples and some seniors. From happy hour until late evening, though, the singles meet-and-greet might spill over from Teela to Tin Can.

The menu: The eclectic offerings include burgers and chicken sandwiches ($8.50), as well as soups and salads ($3-$6). But seafood shows up in multiple guises, from raw oysters on the half-shell ($4.50-$8.50) and grilled, blackened or fried baskets and platters ($9-$17) to shrimp and oyster po' boys ($9). Bang Bang Shrimp, a carry-over favorite from Fishmonger and Teela, is tossed in a spicy chili aioli and served as a starter or sandwich.

The drinks: The full bar features cocktails and a small selection of wines, from $6.50 by the glass up to $32 by the bottle. The mostly American beer list is divided under headings such as “Trailer Trash Brew,” with 16-ounce cans of PBR, Schlitz and Old Milwaukee priced at $2.50 a single or $8 in a bucket of four. “Georgia Craft” includes Sweetwater, Terrapin and Red Brick bottles ($4.50).

The extras: Mondays and Thursdays, look for 25-cent raw oysters at the bar. Recently, the beer special was $2 Fat Tire Amber Ale. The kids menu ($5) includes shrimp, chicken or fish fingers and burger sliders with fries and a drink.

Dining out

Tin Can Fish House and Oyster Bar

5-10 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays; 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays; 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Sundays.

Oysters and starters, $4.50-$17; soups and salads, $3-$6; baskets and platters, $9-$17; catch of the day, $13; po' boys, $9; burgers and sandwiches, $8.50.

227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite 502, Sandy Springs, 404-497-9997,