First Look: Lucky’s Burger & Brew, Town Brookhaven

Named for the owners’ mascot golden retriever, honored on the company logo and dog-friendly front patio, popular Roswell spot Lucky’s Burger & Brew recently opened a second location at Town Brookhaven.

The look: Could it be a franchise in the making? Lucky’s Brookhaven shares many design elements with the Roswell original, including the maroon and yellow color scheme, semicircular Naugahyde banquettes, and suspended drum lights. You’ll also find a meandering bar and a whole lot of TVs tuned to sports.

The scene: During a recent preview evening, many in the crowd were Roswell regulars or friends and family of owners Ernie and Diane Geyer. At the bar, Andrew Hunt, Libertarian candidate for Georgia governor, cast caution to the wind to chow down on the Undertaker — a 7-ounce burger topped with bacon, American cheese, fried egg, fried onion straws and mayo.

The food: True to Lucky’s name, burgers ($10.50-$11.50) are the main attraction. And the Double Stacker, with two 4-ounce patties with cheese in between, has been declared the “all-time favorite.” Besides burgers, look for sandwiches such as the Alabama Yardbird ($10), with fried chicken and white barbecue sauce, and marinated and fried hot wings ($9/$13.50). On the lighter side, soups and salads ($5-$13.50) are on the menu, too.

The drinks: There’s a full bar, featuring specialty cocktails like the Pink Poodle ($8) with Absolut Hibiskus, pomegranate liqueur, lemon and Sprite, and a small wine list. But the draft and bottled beer lists are the heart of the beverage menu, with lots of craft selections in the $5 range. The “Old School” list has the likes of Carling Black Label, Genesee Cream Ale, and Old Milwaukee for $2.75 a can, or in the sampler “Mutt Bucket” for $14.

The extras: If the Undertaker isn’t scary enough for you, try the Grim Reaper. It’s $40 for four “challengers,” who (after giving Lucky’s 24-hour advance notice) will test their luck on a 4-pound burger patty, with eight slices of American cheese, 12 strips of bacon, 7 fried eggs, onion rings and mayonnaise on a special challah bun.