Chevy Chase in Atlanta for “Vacation” reboot

Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo are here for the "Vacation" reboot filming now in metro Atlanta.

Vacay 2.0 stars Atlanta native Ed Helms in the driver's seat, as grown-up Rusty Griswold (played by Anthony Michael Hall in the original) who launches a family trip similar to the ones he took as a boy. Leslie Mann plays Rusty's sister Audrey Griswold, who was played by Dana Barron the first go-round.

“Ant-Man” films in Buckhead, downtown

The new super-hero flick "Ant-Man," starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, filmed a scene at St. Cecilia in Buckhead last week and will do a bit of filming at the state archives building, now that a number of trees have been removed for better access. The production company was permitted by the city, paid $63,000 to have the trees taken out and will have new ones planted at historic Oakland Cemetery, Channel 2 reported. Area arborists are not amused.

Atlanta-filmed “Kill the Messenger” shares serious message

Speaking of the state archives building, you'll spot it in "Kill the Messenger," in theaters now. The movie, set mostly in California and some in Central America, was shot here. The state Capitol building, which plays the role of a municipal courthouse, looks particularly lovely on the big screen but the movie's subject matter is sobering. Based on the book of the same name by Nick Schou and the book "Dark Alliance" by the late journalist Gary Webb, it concerns Webb's investigation that reported links between the CIA and Central American drug smuggling.

"I thought it was the right time to tell this story," director Michael Cuesta said during a recent interview. "Gary knew he was poking a hornet's nest. He was a guy who saw himself as a soldier."

Webb, played by Jeremy Renner in the movie, was initially celebrated when his work was published in the San Jose Mercury News, but following skeptical articles by other publications, the paper published an editor's note that walked back Webb's conclusions. He resigned and eventually took his own life 10 years ago.

While Cuesta respects his subject he does understand the controversy that engulfed him.

“Make sure the story is cooked completely before you print it,” Cuesta said. “Make sure you get all the sources. dig as deep as you can. If you’re able to unearth some stuff, keep going. If we don’t have these watchdogs, like Gary Webb, we’re not going to get the truth.”