Bachelorette shares wedding plans

Andi Dorfman of "The Bachelorette" fame attended Tuesday's red-carpet screening of "The Equalizer," starring Denzel Washington with metro Atlanta native Chloe Grace Moretz. The event was held at the Phipps Plaza movie theater and drew a trendy crowd including rapper-actor Ludacris and his manager, Chaka Zulu, longtime local radio personality Vikki Locke, author Myra McElhaney and lifestyle blogger Ashley Hesseltine.

"Anything with Denzel in it is going to be awesome!" Dorfman said. She's right. In the heart-pounding thriller, which opens Sept. 26, Washington plays a seemingly mild-mannered home fix-it store manager whose big adventure in life is reading books at a coffee shop. When he befriends struggling working girl Alina (Moretz), her harrowing plight unleashes his true calling as a very specialized kind of do-it-yourself fixer.

But back to the Bachelorette. Dorfman said she and fiance Josh Murray have appreciated the warm welcome they've received.

“There’s nothing better than strangers, especially from my hometown, coming up and just saying how happy they are that we’re together,” she said.

They don’t have a wedding date yet, but they’ll probably tie the knot locally.

“I think we want to stay here,” she said. “It’s part of our love story. We both lived here and we didn’t even know it. There’s something very nostalgic about Atlanta.”

‘The Fifth Wave’ to film here soon

Teen-themed, futuristic dystopian thrillers filming in Atlanta is officially a trend. Following the second, third and fourth in the "Hunger Games" series (last year's "Catching Fire," this November's "Mockingjay Part 1" and next year's "Mockingjay Part 2") and then "Insurgent," the next in the "Divergent" series, now comes "The Fifth Wave." The aforementioned Moretz stars as Cassie Sullivan, who "tries to survive in a world devastated by the waves of an alien invasion that has already decimated the population and knocked mankind back to the Stone Age," as described by Moretz, who is from metro Atlanta and still has family here, is looking forward to working locally. "It's great to be home again," she said.