Atlantans sound off on #Verzuz battle between Jagged Edge and 112

Atlanta R&B group Jagged Edge returns with new album

Another #Verzuz battle occurred over Memorial Day weekend and Atlantans tuned in to see hometown groups 112 and Jagged Edge duke it out on Instagram Live.

Like Teddy Riley and Nelly before them, however, this #Verzuz battle had some audio issues along the way.

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Viewers in the Peach State’s capital took note of that while also weighing in on what mattered: the music.

The two-hour face-off occurred Monday night. 112's Daron Jones and Quinnes Parker did not take part citing "an ongoing legal issue that is not settled," but Billboard reported Keith Sweat did appear during a brief intermission and said of 112 and Jagged Edge, "Y'all both my favorite groups from the '90s."

During the battle, the groups went for 20 rounds as they played hits from their catalog.

Included in 112’s set was “It's Over Now,” “Cupid” and “Peaches & Cream” as well as several features with Mase, Allure and the late Notorious B.I.G.

Jagged Edge played “Promise (Remix),” “Let's Get Married (Remix)” and their feature with Savannah native Nivea “Don’t Mess With My Man.”

Here’s what Atlanta-area residents had to say about the battle — or as one of the #Verzuz originators, producer Swizz Beatz, prefers to call it, “celebration” — according to their tweets.

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The match up followed Swizz Beatz calling on Atlanta-based megaproducer Jermaine Dupri to put Jagged Edge and 112 together for the latest #Verzuz battle.

"Can you make that happen JD? Because a lot of people say what they want to see, but can you pick up the phone and make that happen?" Swizz Beatz told fellow #Verzuz creator and producer Timbaland on Instagram Live. "I would love to see Jagged Edge versus 112. Get them on the phone, JD. Let's go."