7 ways to enhance curb appeal

7 ways to enhance curb appeal

1. Think about context. A project should be in keeping with the original “root” style of the home, as well as the neighborhood. Take the opportunity to let the house stand out while fitting in.

2. Connect the house to the ground. Use masonry materials on the entire basement level.  Change materials or add a detail between the basement and first floor.

3. Use consistent exterior trim appropriate to the most prominent style of the house.  Proportions matter in terms of column and trim sizes.

4. Shutters should be operable and sized to fully cover the window. Avoid shutters when more than one window is grouped together. Chimneys look best clad in stone, brick or stucco and supported all the way to the ground. Heavy looking materials should support lighter materials so avoid stone or brick positioned above wood shake or other siding.

5. Create a natural approach from guest parking or sidewalk to the entry. The landing should be big enough to greet guests. Consider a custom front door that is thicker and wider than other exterior doors.

6. Bring the bling. Gas exterior lights that flicker at night, upgraded entry door hardware, stone walkways and granite entry steps add appeal.

7. Fresh paint adds the biggest impact for the least amount of money.  Research paint colors that are appropriate for the home’s style.

-- Bryan Jones of Jones Pierce Architects