Right condo, in right location

Brian Kochs wanted his first place to have just enough space for himself and none of the “extra headaches” of lawn care and other maintenance that go along with a house. Kochs, 37, who works in the computer field, talked about his condo in the Perimeter area’s Villa Sonoma community.

Q: Where did you move from?

A: I was living in an apartment in Johns Creek.

Q: When did you decide to buy your first place?

A: There's so many good promotions for first-time buyers and good deals out there. I really didn't have to look that long. If you are ready and you have a pretty good idea of what you want, which I did, it doesn't really take that long.

Q: What did you have to have in a home?

A: The most important thing was location, because Johns Creek is a nice area, but it was just inconvenient. I'm single and I'm younger and all my friends live around the Perimeter area. I go to church in Buckhead, so being close to that was important.

Q: Why did you decide on the Villa Sonoma condo?

A: It has cherry hardwood floors, cherry wood cabinets and granite countertops. It's on the third floor, and it has a view of the pool area. As part of the incentive for purchasing, they gave me $4,000 worth of upgrades. I chose to have the cherry wood cabinets and mosaic tile put in the kitchen.

Q: What other incentives were being offered?

A: I was pretty comfortable with the price they were offering it for, that in combination with the $4,000 of upgrades and an 8 percent rebate that could be applied to the down payment or in the loan if you used one of the preferred lenders (he got an FHA loan).

Q: What’s the lifestyle like in the community, and what do you enjoy doing nearby?

A: It definitely has a young professional atmosphere to it. I moved in right before the Fourth of July weekend, so they had a neighborhood party at the pool, which was nice. I definitely like the Perimeter Mall area. There are a lot of neat restaurants, and shopping is really close.