7 ways to keep your Atlanta home safe, according to the experts

Even a firm that sells, designs and installs security systems doesn't rely on technology alone for home security.
NorthStar Security, Inc. in Atlanta also provides its clients with a list of simple measures to take to make a home safer. The top seven:

  1. Get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors are often the first ones to notice when something doesn't "look right" at your home.
  2. Use a high-quality deadbolt lock on your doors and an additional blocking device on sliding glass doors.
  3. Install drapes or blinds on all lower level windows and doors, including the garage.
  4. Install flood lights or sensor lights on the exterior of the home.
  5. Keep a well-manicured lawn. This can emphasize that you pay close attention to your home, whereas an overgrown lawn can suggest vacancy to a possible burglar.
  6. Keep all doors and windows locked even when your at home and never hide keys to your home outside.
  7. Have smoke detectors wired into your alarm system. Place them on each level of your home. A monitored smoke detector will notify you and the fire station if they are activated.

Don't stop there! Here are two more tips from Joel Smernoff, head of private security firm Parachute Corp. He shared them with the website Fatherly.com and does this at his own home:

  1. Choose solid wood for the front door (assuming impenetrable steel isn't in the budget). Hollow-core doors do nothing to make your home safer.
  2. Keep your car keys on the nightstand nowhere near the front door. If you need to, you can always hit the car key panic button to alert the neighborhood to an intruder in your home.