Buy a house in the safest city in Cobb County

For the safety-conscious in Cobb, this city promises the 12th-best safety rating in Georgia.

Kennesaw was ranked highly in terms of safety in a recent study by ValuePenguin. The survey's authors ranked cities across the state in terms of their rate of violent and property crime, with the former weighted more heavily than the later in a final "crime score."

The safest town in Cobb came in behind Gwinnett and North Fulton, which boasted the seventh and first safest cities in Georgia.

The survey used the FBI crime statistics from 2014. Towns with less than 5,000 people were also excluded from the data because areas with small populations are more sensitive to small fluctuations in crime rates. Final crime scores were also adjusted for population to account for large cities. Read the rest of the data.

Kennesaw was also rated as the best suburb for buying a house in Cobb County according to a study by It ranked highly overall as the sixth-best suburb to buy a home in Georgia. If you do buy a home, make sure it's close to one of the best schools in Cobb.

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