What workers said about AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect allows the freedom for people to express their ideas for and concerns about the business. Any ideas to make this company stronger are never tossed aside.

We are treated like people and not just a number. ADC encourages family first. When issues arise, whether it be sickness or whatever, they support you and your family.

Everyone here is so positive and pleasant. It is a dream come true to wake up every morning and look forward to going to work.

Everyone is always willing to help out whenever needed.

Everything is done to assure my wheel of life is complete and balanced.

Great pay, fantastic atmosphere, great benefits, plenty of opportunities to grow.

The company is completely open about its future and financials.

I am allowed to do my job without constant supervision. I also can present ideas without fear of being demeaned in any way.

Mistakes are looked upon as opportunities to improve rather than opportunities for management to gather negatives about me.

I am really made to feel valued and I am given every type of support needed to do my job well.

I can do my job without being micro-managed. New ideas are welcomed. I am not in fear of losing my job if I make an honest mistake.

We are trusted to get our job done and given the space and tools to do so.

The people I work with acknowledge me when I have done a good job but also give me constructive criticism as needed.

The company is making responsible financial decisions, which is proven by its success and growth.

My pay is fair, the work environment is incredible — offices for everyone! — and we know how to have fun and still get the work done.

I love the fact that we can take ownership of what we do and the company completely trusts us in doing so. We believe in putting the right people in the right position so that this culture can be maintained.

AutomationDirect has encouraged me to update and expand my skill set by providing very expensive software and allowing me the time to become proficient with it.