What the employees say about eVestment

What the employees say about eVestment:

"I feel we are fairly compensated and encouraged to innovate and experiment."

"I am part of growing something meaningful."

"I enjoy what I do and I feel my work and contributions are valued."

"I feel we are fairly compensated and encouraged to innovate and experiment."

"I get the opportunity to work on the best technology with the best co-workers."

"I have the freedom to try new things and am trusted to do my job without a lot of hand-holding."

"I work in a very collaborative and fast-paced environment. I am surrounded by very smart and motivated people who also love their jobs."

"It allows me to create, innovate and impact."

"Lots of great challenges, an incredibly smart team and a penchant for doing the right thing."

"It challenges me to always strive for improvement, growth and professional development."

"It suits my interests but, more importantly, I have the support of my team in bettering my skills and becoming more effective at my work."

"The exceptional caliber of people I am working with. Teamwork is one of the things that makes coming to work every day a pleasure."

"The people, including the founders of the company, are very dynamic and passionate about the business. That creates a very positive environment to excel and do your best in order to make a positive contribution."

"I’ve never worked for a company that cares about the growth and development of their employees as eVestment does. I’m supported by my manager. In all I do, good or bad, he has my back."

"I am able to take the time I need to address family issues as they arise."

"I feel I am challenged and have the opportunity to express concerns and add feedback when needed. My manager always listens."

"The work-life balance is amazing, and I get a family feeling working within my team."

"They offer me the flexibility to pursue interests outside of eVestment that are important to me."

"The work we do is varied and evolving. Finger-pointing never happens. There are many very intelligent people that help to guide my personal development."

"We are given the opportunity to grow in our field through education and training."

"We are part of an exciting industry and can make a big impact."