What Alston & Bird LLC employees say

Artwork of employee's children in on display near a lunch room at the Alston & Bird offices in Atlanta on January 24th, 2018. For story in the AJC Top Workplaces section.  (Photo by Phil Skinner)
Artwork of employee's children in on display near a lunch room at the Alston & Bird offices in Atlanta on January 24th, 2018. For story in the AJC Top Workplaces section. (Photo by Phil Skinner)

Credit: Phil Skinner

Credit: Phil Skinner

More than 2,300 companies were nominated or asked to participate in the 2018 Top Workplaces contest by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its partner, Energage (formerly Workplace Dynamics). Employees across the metro area responded to print and online solicitations that began appearing in September.

Using survey results, a list of 150 workplaces was compiled, consisting of 25 large companies (listed below; 500 or more employees), 50 midsize companies (150-499 employees) and 75 small companies (149 or fewer employees).

Everyone at the firm is supportive of others, rather than competitive. Everyone works as a team and encourages others to excel. In addition, the benefits (especially for young moms) have surpassed all expectations (e.g. firm daycare, backup care, health and fertility benefits, etc.). If you are looking to work and grow in your career within a large, respected firm that prides itself on maintaining an open, accepting and supportive culture, from senior management and senior leadership down, you won’t find a better firm.

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I am afforded the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, while enjoying a wealth of resources to support my practice.

I am continuously challenged in my role. Regulations in my area of expertise are constantly changing, which keeps things interesting. I have flexibility in my work day and autonomy to accomplish my tasks/goals.

I am encouraged to complete my assignments to the best of my ability — leaving me feeling satisfied for a job well done.

I love my job for many reasons: I love my job because it is positively challenging; I love my job because having an opinion is celebrated at this firm; I love my job because the people I work with treat me like family; I love my job because even the managing partner treats me as his equal; I love my job because even though Georgia is more conservative than most other states, the firm provides me with a safe and protective place to be LBGTQ; I love my job because over the last 16 years of being here, no matter what comes my way, professionally or personally, I have an army at my back. I love my job because my boss (she hates when I call her that, by the way) treats me as though I am an integral part of her team and this firm.

We are constantly learning new video conference platforms, software, equipment upgrades and off-site productions, which helps keep us on the leading edge of technology.

My practice is rewarding, management is great and the people are fantastic.

What amazes me is, that throughout each year the firm recognizes the staff’s contributions with awards and ceremonies. This is the first firm I have worked at where employee recognition has official ceremonies. The firm takes pride and effort to do its best to make employees feel appreciated.

Work makes me feel like I add value to the firm. My efforts are appreciated on all levels. My coworkers make coming to work fun. My managers push me to excel.

The firm genuinely appreciates all employees, no matter the job.

Management and attorneys allow me to do my job without constant supervision or micromanagement, are open to changes and that my opinions or input is valued and sought after.

It is endlessly fascinating and I feel highly supported by both my team and my direct supervisor.

It has been a source of friendships and a sense of pride for me for more than 20 years. Even my family knows how much working here means to me.

I work with outstanding lawyers and others who pride themselves on their excellence and who achieve superior results for our clients through our joint efforts.

I work with great individuals who work hard, care about and encourage each other, and manage to have fun at the same time. The firm has given me opportunities to explore and expand upon my skills. I feel appreciated.

I work for the best group of attorneys I could possibly ask for. I am appreciated for my skills and attention to detail. If I have to take time off, I know I can.