Thousands turn out for Hartsfield-Jackson airport job fair

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport career fair attracted more than 3,000 job seekers Tuesday.

Heavy traffic and high turnover generate a never-ending need for hiring at the world’s busiest airport.

“Our concessionaires always have a need,” said Atlanta airport assistant manager of community affairs Chermaine Axam-Wilkins. “They hire probably monthly.”

Concessionaires say employees often jump to other companies for the slightest increase in hourly pay. For other workers, the commute to Hartsfield-Jackson during overnight hours creates a challenge, as does the cost of parking at the airport.

But the crowds at the job fair indicated some airport positions continue to be in high demand, with lines stretching through the room for Delta Air Lines, DGS (Delta Global Services) and the city of Atlanta booths in particular.

The Atlanta airport is particularly in need of maintenance workers and is holding an invitation-only job fair for electricians, HVAC technicians and facilities maintenance mechanics next week. Those interested should apply online by Friday, Oct. 11. Qualified candidates will get an invitation to the job fair to be held Oct. 16.

Separately, Aerotropolis Atlanta is holding a career expo for 11th and 12th grade students on Oct. 18 at the Georgia International Convention Center.


Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s Careers in Aviation brochure includes sample salary ranges for dozens of jobs in the industry, citing 2018 estimates from Below are a few included in the airport’s brochure. Note that depending on the employer, experience and other factors, actual pay may be higher or lower than these ranges.

» Regional airline pilot: $25-$38/hour

» National/international airline pilot: $110,000-$250,000/year

» Flight attendant: $35,000-$63,000/year

» Concession worker: $8-$14/hour

» Security officer: $12-$34/hour

» Ticket agent: $10-$22/hour

» Airframe and powerplant mechanic: $19-$30/hour

» Flight dispatcher: $16-$35/hour

» Fire and Rescue: $32,000-$63,000/year

» Aeronautical engineer: $65,000-$111,000/year