In their own words: ‘I love the people I work with’

An elegant lobby greets visitors at the Buckhead offices of Dorsey Alston.

Credit: Phil Skinner

Credit: Phil Skinner

An elegant lobby greets visitors at the Buckhead offices of Dorsey Alston.

Nearly 3,000 companies were nominated or asked to participate in the 2020 Top Workplaces contest by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its partner, Energage. Employees across the metro area responded to print and online solicitations that began appearing in September. 

Using survey results, a list of 150 workplaces was compiled, consisting of 22 large companies (500 or more employees), 63 midsize companies (150-499 employees) and 65 small companies (149 or fewer employees). 

Here is what Dorsey Alston employees said about their company:

“The culture at Dorsey Alston is the best in the industry. I feel respected and cared for. What else could you want?”

“I am given the freedom to be the best that I can be.”

“I feel like Dorsey Alston is a family, not just a real estate company.”

“I get to be my own boss.”

“I love selling real estate, and Dorsey Alston gives me the support and tools to do this job to the best of my abilities.”

“I love that I have work-life balance.”

“The people absolutely make us the organization that we are.”

“Our brokers are there for us whenever we need it. I feel more like a full-time employee than a contractor.”

“I work alongside some of my best friends in an environment that is relaxed yet professional.”

“Our relationships are the basis for everything we do at Dorsey Alston. It is the basis for our successes. It is the basis for our fun. It is the basis for the trust that I have in Dorsey Alston.”

“I make a difference in people’s lives while making a great living for myself.”

“It feels like an episode of ‘The Office.’ We are like family and get to work for ‘the world’s best boss.’ ”

“It is a wonderful and fun environment to work in.”

“It’s a part of me.”

“It is warm and inviting, and all who work there are approachable from the brokers to the top-producing agents to the newcomers. There is a great sense of camaraderie.”

“There is no pettiness or jealousy within the company.”

“The owner cares and makes it known that he would help with whatever I need.”

“I love the people I work with and the environment at Dorsey Alston.”

“I am a people person, and it is a good fit.”

“I enjoy the folks I work with.”

“I am able to perform my role as a full-time agent without feeling added pressure. The brokers always make themselves available whenever I need to partner with them.”

“I feel a meaningful sense of reward when helping agents and seeing them succeed in their careers.”

“I love my profession. My profession loves me, too.”

“The people are great.”

“The residential market in Atlanta is very energizing, and I get to work with good, fun people.”

“We work together as a family — encouraging, helping and guiding.”

“My opinion is respected.”

“It feels like everyone is invested in my success.”