SunTrust experiences billpay technical problem

Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks said Saturday a technical issue caused double postings of transactions for some clients who opt to pay bills online.

The bank, however, said a fix should be finalized by the end of the day.

Customers' accounts were mistakenly drawn twice for online billpay transactions, the company said.  The glitch occurred Friday night and affected a “small percentage” of the regional bank’s customers.

SunTrust spokesman Hugh Suhr said the bank has identified affected clients and is working to resolve the duplicated transactions. The mistakenly drawn funds will be returned and if the errant transactions triggered any fees, like an overdraft charge, SunTrust would also address that issue.

“We apologize for the error and any inconvenience our clients have experienced stemming from it,” Suhr said in the statement.  He did not say what caused the errant transactions.