My Style: Stephanie Arrington

Name: Stephanie Arrington, RN

Age: 31

Occupation: Registered nurse, inpatient orthopedic medical/surgery unit, Piedmont Fayette Hospital in Fayetteville.

What I'm wearing: "All white-and-silver minidress from Simply Fashion, silver hoop earrings from Simply Fashion, silver bangles from Target and clear heels from Bakers Shoes."

Signature style: "Always a must-have for me is bangles and bracelets to go with an outfit. The wrist must be 'popping' as well."

Best finds: "Online — any outlet. They don't sell in stores, so the best things are online."

Fashion weakness: "I can't buy separates. If I buy my pants somewhere, I must get the shirt to match — same place, same time — or I will have anxiety."

Favorite stores: "New York & Company, Simply Fashion, Macy's and Calvin Klein."

Fashion inspiration: "My mother and Auntie Mae: two very stylish women that dressed me before I could dress myself."

Pet peeve: "I hate black socks of any kind with white shoes — a big fashion no-no. If you have on white shoes, please, please don't wear black socks or panty hose."

Best fashion compliment: "The best compliment was at the gym. I wasn't working out too hard or bench pressing a lot, but I had the cutest workout clothes, with gloves to match. So even while working out, you can still be cute doing it. Everyone there was just saying, 'Oh, your outfit is so cute.' I may not have burned a lot of calories, but I was cute."

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Compiled by John Brieske, Pulse managing editor. Do you or someone you work with have a great sense of style? Please send email to