Special Awards



Richard Hays, Alston & Bird

Basis: Creates a positive culture. Relates goals and direction. Fair and consistent in treatment of workers.

Employee comment: Looks after employees (benefits package, appreciation of work efforts), communicates well about the business and what’s happening.


Millard Choate, Choate Construction

Basis: Fosters a family environment. Involved on all levels. Open and honest. Hires the right people. Maintains solid support system.

Employee comment: The culture of the company in regards to work ethic, professionalism, quality and safety is second to none.


Bryan Miles, Miles Advisory Group

Basis: Visionary who pays attention to details. Creates atmosphere of teamwork. Cares about mission statement.

Employee comment: Truly understands the importance of putting people first — not using for [management’s] purposes but creating purpose for our people.


Virtual Properties Realty

Basis: Manages expansion and growth. Encourages strong in-house working relationships. Takes care of agents and employees. Offers training.

Employee comment: The forward momentum of the company practically ensures that, if I continue to hone my skills, there will be opportunities for advancement.


Wesleyan School

Basis: Supportive of workers, even after they make mistakes. Provides necessary resources. Responds to needs. Proactive instead of reactive.

Employee comment: Lets me do my job and is there for support when I need it. Does not try to micromanage.



Basis: Monthly sessions give workers a chance to present ideas. Hands out awards for innovation. Stages periodic and interesting special events.

Employee comment: They incentivize workers via competitions and promise rewards for ideas that are adopted.


Integrated Financial Group

Basis: Treats employees with respect. Keeps them well-informed and answers questions. Work atmosphere emphasizes camaraderie and caring.

Employee comment: IFG is always exploring better ways of being more efficient and are very open to suggestions from group members.


DMC Atlanta

Basis: Managers are hired only from within. Empathy from management is stressed. Workers can learn all aspects of the business. Travel opportunities are extensive.

Employee comment: It starts at the partner level, where integrity, principles and the genuine interest in those under your care are ever-present.


Meadows & Ohly

Basis: Honesty, with emphasis on integrity. Focus on customer service. Closes shop one day annually for a community day of service.

Employee comment: None available.


Dorsey Alston, Realtors

Basis: Promotes helpfulness among agents. Concern from executive office is evident. Quickly responds to questions. Work atmosphere is light-hearted.

Employee comment: The owner is dynamic and innovative, and he is building the company into a force to be reckoned with.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Medical Center

Basis: Keeps workers updated via daily email, plus video and town-hall meetings. One-on-one sessions with managers are welcomed.

Employee comment: Consistent communication regarding changes and updates are available to us.



Basis: Trusts workers to do their jobs without looking over their shoulders. Everyone is appreciated when a company goal is met. Holds staff outings.

Employee comment: I appreciate that I am not micromanaged. My supervisor trusts that I know how to do my job without constant supervision.


Innovative Architects

Basis: Flexibility is afforded regarding work time and location. Responsibility is granted to those who perform the job while on a long leash.

Employee comment: I appreciate the freedom to decide when and where I will work, as long as I get the work done and keep the client happy.


Van Michael Salon

Basis: “Service providers” undergo intensive training program. Weekly classes and ongoing educational courses are offered by staff. Annual company meeting includes creative summit with accomplished stylists and speakers.

Employee comment: None available.


Woodward Academy

Basis: Exercise programs. Healthy lunches. Matching contribution to the retirement plan. Extensive medical insurance.

Employee comment: The non-monetary benefits are outstanding between health care, time off, flexibility and being given iPads.