Service to others drives values, mission of financial company

CEO Pat Flood says the majority of his time is focused on“investing and building the best place to work where lives are changed for the better.”
CEO Pat Flood says the majority of his time is focused on“investing and building the best place to work where lives are changed for the better.”

Credit: Phil Skinner

Credit: Phil Skinner

Nearly 3,000 companies were nominated or asked to participate in the 2020 Top Workplaces contest by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its partner, Energage. Employees across the metro area responded to print and online solicitations that began appearing in September. 

Using survey results, a list of 150 workplaces was compiled, consisting of 22 large companies (500 or more employees), 63 midsize companies (150-499 employees) and 65 small companies (149 or fewer employees). 

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Pat Flood has been responsible for two organizations in the mortgage banking industry in the past 34 years: Home Banc and Supreme Lending Southeast Region. He currently is responsible for 200 people — he calls them “souls” — who work with Supreme in Atlanta, Tampa/Orlando, South Florida and Charlotte, N.C.

Flood said the majority of his time as regional operating partner is focused on“investing and building the best place to work where lives are changed for the better.”

His company has annual revenues of $30 million and a mission of “serving others before self.”

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Q: What do you believe sets your company apart from other successful businesses?

A: "Our passion regarding leaving people better than we found them, our non-negotiable reflection of our values, and our operating discipline, which includes a constant focus on getting better at all we do."

Q: Your employees talk about the family atmosphere, the respect and appreciation they feel, and the support they have. How do you create and support a culture like thatm and what do you believe is the payoff?

A: "You communicate your priorities and values, and you reflect them in everything that you do. The payoff is that people love being a part of this organization, and it is reflected in the commitment that they display in the individual execution of their jobs, which ultimately creates an incredibly productive professional environment."

Q: You've been quoted as saying you believe in "service to others above self." How does that play out in your business and with what result?

A: "There are at times substantial obstacles to moving customers on the date and time that they want to move. We make whatever sacrifices are necessary for others to ensure that we close and fund their transactions on time, every time. This results in us delivering the industry's best customer experience, according to our customers."

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Q: How did this become your mission?

A: "My dad raised me that way. He was always so selfless and so service-driven. Also, when I was younger, I was an athlete, and what came naturally for me was taking responsibility for the other members of the team."

Q: How does this affect the people who work with you?

A: "When they come here, they don't feel like they're being trained. They feel like they are being fueled."

Q: What’s been the goal of having a once-a-month broadcast from your headquarters that’s live-streamed into real estate offices around the city?

A: "We're not doing it to get business but to reflect our culture to people — that is, that everyone wants to be their personal best."

Q: Why do you encourage your employees to set personal goals for themselves?

A: "When you put it in writing, you're 60 percent more likely to do it."

Q: What type of goals are we talking about?

A: "Employees are encouraged to set goals each year in one or more of six categories: family and relationships, health and fitness, personal finance, fun and recreation, faith and community service, and business growth. They can track their progress through a portal called BEST GPS and count on others in the office to provide accountability and support."

Q: What would readers be surprised to learn about your company?

A: "Readers would be surprised to hear that while we are in the financial services business, we have a lot of fun. As an example, we have a growing collection of bobbleheads of our partners and friends."

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