Ponce City Market developer offers Atlantans a chance to invest in local projects

The developer behind Ponce City Market, Jamestown, says a piece of Atlanta could be yours — for $2,500

Ponce City Market has become a destination for seeking the city’s best dining and shopping The mixed-use development features retail, restaurants, office spaces, and high-end apartments Before its transformation, Ponce City Market was a popular amusement park in the 20th century Today, find Skyline Park on the rooftop as a throwback to its Coney Island of the South days

Owning any sort of property in Atlanta can be a hot commodity these days.

And now, one local developer is opening the chance for Atlantans to invest in its intown properties.

It’s part of a new initiative by Jamestown, the firm behind properties such as Ponce City Market and Westside Provisions.

In a new effort called "Jamestown Invest," the company is offering Atlantans a chance to add real estate investments to their portfolio — for a minimum of $2,500.

“This new fund provides the ability to own real estate with the benefits of building equity and without the hassles or huge down payment need for homeownership,” the company said in a statement.

The first two local properties that Atlantans can help fund are the Southern Dairies in Old Fourth Ward — a nearly 80,000-square-foot office campus — and the Upper Westside Portfolio, which has more than 223,000 square feet of “flex industrial” space.

"Investors are looking for innovative platforms and dynamic opportunities," Michael Phillips, president of Jamestown, said in a statement. "Jamestown Invest addresses this changing landscape and provides access to the benefits of Jamestown's track record in value creation for the first time."

According to the company’s website, the properties will range from retail to residential, parking and warehouses. Jamestown is targeting investing in Atlanta, Raleigh, Charleston and “other major metropolitan statistical areas.” The investment size will range from $10 million to $40 million.

The Atlanta-based developer has been around since 1983. Company officials told Curbed Atlanta this program isn't an indication of any troubles with funding. Instead, Jamestown is trying to "share its values" with Atlantans, according to Curbed.

"Jamestown looks to democratize access to traditionally private offerings via low investment minimums and ability to invest via its new online platform," according to a press release.