New trusted traveler lane to open at Atlanta airport north security checkpoint

A new “trusted traveler” lane will open Tuesday at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport’s domestic terminal north security checkpoint, adding another path for qualified frequent travelers to take for expedited security.

The TSA program known as PreCheck allows those who qualify for expedited security screening and opt in to the program to keep on their shoes, jackets and belts. TSA launched the PreCheck program in Atlanta in 2011 for some of Delta Air Lines’ most frequent fliers and other members of federal trusted traveler programs. It has also added other airlines, airports and participants to the program.

Hartsfield-Jackson already has four PreCheck lanes at the main security checkpoint in the domestic terminal, with the entrance to the lanes near the south security checkpoint. Delta and its partners operate out of the south side of the terminal, while other airlines operate out of the north side.

For those in the program, the expedited screening is not guaranteed for every flight. Previously, those who were in the PreCheck program didn’t know whether they were eligible that day until they got to the checkpoint. Now, Delta, United and US Airways are printing PreCheck eligibility notifications on boarding passes — allowing travelers to go to the correct lane.