New route to Uber, Lyft pickup zone opens at Hartsfield-Jackson

Uber and Lyft users at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's Terminal North will take a new path to the pickup zone starting Tuesday.

On the morning of Jan. 8, the Atlanta airport opens a covered walkway to the Terminal North Uber and Lyft pickup zone.

The airport relocated the pickup zone to a closer location last month. However, the awning to cover the walkway to the new pickup zone was not yet complete, so passengers were temporarily routed through the parking deck.

Now, Uber and Lyft users will take an escalator or elevator from the baggage claim area down to the lower level, exit through door LN1, then turn left. The walkway to the pickup zone underneath the MARTA tracks starts along the sidewalk outside the terminal.

There is no change to the remote location of the domestic Terminal South pickup zone for Uber and Lyft passengers.