Hartsfield-Jackson expands Concourse D space

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport this month completed a two-year, $47 million expansion on Concourse D, adding 91,000 square feet along with more elevators and escalators.

Concourse D, built decades ago for smaller planes, is narrower than other concourses at the Atlanta airport and had less space for concessions. The expansion of the concourse’s midpoint is aimed at fixing problems of congestion, cramped quarters and lines for escalators and elevators to and from the people-mover train.

The concessions for the space are not yet complete, but will eventually include new restaurants and shops, including a 40/40 Bar and Lounge and a Food Network location. Hartsfield-Jackson general manager Louis Miller said that will also add 200 or 300 more jobs.

Another project is planned to expand the Concourse C midpoint, expanded to be complete by the end of 2014.