Georgia’s job recovery trails nation’s

Comparing job market in U.S. and Georgia

Job creation nationally was sluggish last month, according to the closely-watched government report Friday. Still, the national job market has been healthier than Georgia’s. Here’s a look at some of the latest job numbers. The U.S. figures are for December, while the latest Georgia data are for November.

Measure U.S. Georgia
Job growth since Great Recession ended June 2009
Up 4.8% Up 2%
Change in unemployment rate since peak Down 3.3 points Down 2.7 points
Change in number of unemployed from peak
Down 33% Down 26.1%
Proportion of unemployed searching more than six months
37.7% 44%
Public sector jobs since recession started Dec. 2007
Down 2.4% Down 4.2%

Private sector jobs since recession started

Down 0.6% Down 5.3%

Latest unemployment rate

6.7% 7.7%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Georgia Department of Labor.