The top 5 highest-paying tech careers - and where you can get one in Georgia

While there are a plethora of career opportunities in the tech industry, not all IT jobs are created equal. In fact, some pay more than others. According to a recent study from global education company General Assembly, the following five tech gigs are the highest-paying ones in the field.

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»These are the tech companies hiring right now in Atlanta

Data analytics

Median base salary: $60,476

What you do: Assess data, discover insights and predict future trends to inform company business decisions.

Who's hiring: CTGCoca-ColaPrimerica

Digital marketing

Median base salary: $76,783

What you do: Leverage communication channels to maintain customer relationship.

Who's hiring: KforceUPS

Product management

Median base salary: $108,659

What you do: Oversee implementation and development of company products and projects.

Who's hiring: ComcastYamaha

User experience design

Median base salary: $77,167

What you do: Design websites, apps and other software to advance user interaction.

Who's hiring: Home DepotVerizon

Web development

Median base salary: $55,964 

What you do: Build websites by designing, coding and editing web page content.

Who's hiring: AT&TGwinnett County Public SchoolsThe University of Georgia

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