10 most in-demand service jobs in Atlanta

Who ya gonna call?

Would-be entrepreneurs looking for work in Atlanta for 2016, take heed. Ghostbusters are not on the list, but 10 other service jobs are "high demand" in the area, according to data from a 2016 Thumbtack study. Some are off the beaten path — swimming instructor? Acupuncturist? But all are solid bets for those looking to make a living in the local service industry, says Thumbtack, which connects customers with independent service professionals in all 50 states.

The company based its findings on the ratio of customer requests it processed for a given service compared to how many of the more than 20,000 service professionals registered in its Atlanta-area data base provide that service.

The top 10 run the range from jobs that require quite a bit of training, like exterminator, to those that can be self-taught, like embroidery. Thumbtack also provided the cost of an average job, visit or lesson with each entry on the list.

10 service jobs in highest demand in Atlanta 2016 (with average cost of job, visit, or lesson)

1. Land surveyor: $385

2. Photo technician: $80

3. Acupuncturist: $764

4. Embroiderer: $73

5. Horseback riding instructor: $50

6. TV repair technician: $83

7. Swimming instructor: $78

8. Piano tuner: $103

9. Golf instructor: $78

10. Exterminator: $70

And for those who want to avoid jobs where available professionals far outstrip demand, Thumbtack also determined the most competitive service professional jobs in the Atlanta for 2016, including these top 5.

Thumbtack's most competitive jobs for Atlanta service professionals

1. Web developer

2. Marketer

3. Illustrator

4. Social media marketing strategist

5. Wedding planner

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