7 jobs you can get at a Fortune 500 company without a college degree

Atlanta is the home of thriving businesses from local favorites to nationwide industry leaders. As of 2019, Atlanta is also the headquarters of 16 Fortune 500 companies, according to the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

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The Home Depot, UPS, Delta Air Lines and the Coca Cola Company are all on the list of America's biggest and best when it comes to business.

For many, working for one of the nation's top employers is the ultimate dream. Every day, top talent competes for a chance to join the team at places like Apple, Amazon and Google. Most of those applicants have college degrees, but there are actually many opportunities available for those who do not. The founders of Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Uber and Dell all managed to create empires without college degrees.

For the average job candidate, the statistics are a little daunting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Americans with some college education, but no degree, are unemployed at a rate of 3.7% while those with bachelor's degrees are at 2.2%.

So how can a job seeker get a foot in the door at a top corporation without a four-year college education?

Here are some jobs you might be able to snag at a Fortune 500 company without a bachelor's degree:

Credit: Emma Howells/The New York Times

Credit: Emma Howells/The New York Times

Executive assistant – Depending on your level of experience, an associate's degree is usually sufficient to apply for an executive assistant role. This position is usually responsible for supporting one or more executives in their administrative tasks such as setting appointments and booking travel. In some cases, executive assistants might be responsible for things like preparing reports or managing staff. In those cases, ZipRecruiter.com says a bachelor's degree or master of business administration (MBA) might be required.

Customer service representative – According to CollegeGrad.com, customer service reps are responsible for interacting with customers to "handle complaints, process orders and provide information about an organization's products and services." The work can usually be done by phone, via email, face to face or via live chat.

Marketing representative – A recent study from LinkedIn listed marketing representatives among the jobs that do not require a four-year college degree. This role usually covers a broad range of responsibilities from public relations to organizing promotional activities.

Information Technology (IT) technician – The main role of an IT technician is to maintain company systems and help other employees with software installation and general technical troubleshooting. While a bachelor's degree might not always be required, Study.com says certain certificates or an associate's degree might be needed in this position.

Computer support specialist – Similar to an IT technician, a technical support specialist opening might require candidates to have an associate's degree or some postsecondary classes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer support specialists are hired specifically to support computer networks and users.

Retail consultant/cashier – For any large company with brick and mortar stores, retail consultant or cashier positions are the best way to get in the door no matter where the business is headquartered. Most of these positions do not require a degree, but you may want to pursue one if you plan to apply for a senior associate or store management role in the future.

Claims adjusters, examiners and investigators – When insurance companies get claims, the claims adjusters, examiners and investigators decide whether the company is responsible for paying the claim and, if so, how much they should pay. Specialized postsecondary training or several years of relevant experience are typical requirements for this role.