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How to get a job with Cobb County Schools

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Cobb County Schools, the county's largest employer, has plenty of openings. Whether your background is in teaching, maintenance or accounting, Cobb has jobs that cover a wide variety of skill sets.

Here's what you need to know about getting a job with Cobb County Schools.

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What type of jobs does the district offer?

As of July 17, Cobb County Schools had 20 teacher vacancies. The following jobs were also a few of the many listed:

-School nurse


-Lunchroom monitor

-Head wrestling coach

-Assistant principal

How do you apply for a job?

Check the list of open jobs. When you find a position you're interested in, click the "apply" button to the right of the listing. You'll then see the job's primary function, educational and other requirements, and the essential duties of the job. You'll see an "apply for this position" button to the right.

What credentials do you need?

Credentials vary by position, and teachers are required to have a certificate (license) from the Georgia Professional Standard Commission.

What do positions pay?

To see the pay range for a position you're interested in, check out the salary schedule. As an example, teachers' salaries start at $46,942 and increase if you have more education and/or experience.

What is the interview process like?

Respondents at Glassdoor rated Cobb's interview process at a difficulty of 2.5, which puts it in the average range.

Some sample questions reported include the following:

-"How do you describe yourself?" – for a paraprofessional position

-"How do you manage disruptive or difficult students?" – for a teaching position

-"Describe how you used a hands-on activity to teach a standard." – for a teaching position


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