School nurses help with screenings such as eye exams, as well as taking care of bumps, bruises and more serious medical situations.

Don’t want to teach? Here are 6 education gigs outside of the classroom

Unless you're a teacher, a metro Atlanta school may not be the first place you'd think to apply for a job. But don't dismiss schools as possible employers since they have a wide variety of jobs that require a diverse set of skills.

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Here are some non-teaching gigs you can get at metro Atlanta schools:

Bus drivers

Local schools depend on thousands of bus drivers to get kids safely to and from school, sporting events, field trips and more during the school year. If you enjoy working with kids and have the temperament needed to navigate metro Atlanta traffic, this can be a job that works well with parents' and retirees' schedules.

You'll need to have your CDL (commercial driver's license) with passenger and school bus (P&S) endorsements, have a good driving record and pass a background and drug test, among other requirements.


Licensed school nurses can see kids for a wide variety of reasons, including small bumps and bruises, allergic reactions and more serious injuries. They also help securely keep and administer medication sent from home.

Health care technicians also assist nurses in some schools, and these jobs often require an associate's degree or applied science training.

Cafeteria workers

It takes plenty of workers to make sure that metro Atlanta students are served lunch and are adequately supervised during their cafeteria time.

Food service assistants are responsible for cooking and serving food, among other duties. In addition, lunchroom monitors supervise students while they're at lunch, helping to create a clean, safe environment.

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Custodial workers/technicians

When you think of everything that needs to be cleaned, maintained and repaired to keep school up and running, it's easy to figure out why metro Atlanta schools need techs and custodial workers.

While custodians keep schools clean, Atlanta public schools also need specially trained technicians such as plumbers, HVAC and refrigeration technicians.


When you walk into your child's school, chances are good that the first person you'll see is in a clerical position. Clerks are responsible for answering and routing phone calls, greeting visitors, keeping attendance records, acting as a receptionist and much more.

Bookkeepers are also needed to maintain and balance bank accounts, make deposits and perform all accounts payable and receivable transactions for the school.

Administrative jobs

Administrative jobs are in demand at every level: local schools, school districts and in specific school programs.

Job titles include everything from principals and assistant principals to directors of exceptional students, database administrators, superintendents of student support services and federal programs.

If you're interested in getting a job at a metro Atlanta school, follow the links to check out openings at the following:

Atlanta Public Schools

Clayton County

Cobb County

DeKalb County

Fulton County

Gwinnett County 

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