Don't turn in your notice just yet.

Don't quit your job before you read this

Had enough of your job? At the end of your rope, and ready to move on?

You're not alone. More than 2 million Americans quit their jobs in May (most recent data available), according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Although the hundreds of jobs coming to Georgia is reason enough to be optimistic about employment options, these resources may help you to make an informed career decision:


How to know when it's time to move on 

• 7 signs you need to quit your job: Sometimes, quitting your job is the first step to long-term happiness. [Read more]

• 10 reasons to quit your job this year: You need to build a foundation for your life, or soon you will have no roof. [Read more]

• Can You Afford to Quit Your Job? Whether you are quitting to get more freedom, higher earning potential or a more enjoyable career path, you will likely need money in the bank and a plan in place. [Read more]

• Why you should quit your job today: Quitting your job can be difficult, but now is the time to go out and spread your wings for a new career adventure. [Read more]


How to move on without quitting your job

• Dealing with professional burnout – part 1: Burned out but can’t easily, or don’t want to, change professions? [Read more]

• Dealing with professional burnout – part 2: Here's how to leverage what’s possible in your current work. [Read more]

• How to deal with ineffective management without quitting your job: Got a bad boss? Does your firm's leadership lack vision? Here's how to deal with these issues without quitting your job. [Read more]

• Should I quit my job, or try to fix it? If you can resolve whatever isn’t working at your current job, you can keep whatever assets you’ve built there, from seniority to the leadership team’s trust in you and perhaps much more. [Read more]


How to do it

• 4 ways to start following your dream before quitting your miserable day job: The only difference between those who follow their dreams and those who don't, is the belief that they can. [Read more]

• 11 absolutely outrageous ways to quit your job: Thinking about resigning? Here's how not to do it. [Read more]

• 7 steps you must take before quitting your day job: Are you ready to become an entrepreneur? Before you quit your day job increase your odds of success with these 7 business and life-savvy steps. [Read more]

• Job hunting? Have you taken care of these 6 things? Don't throw in the towel until your house is in order. [Read more]


They did it. So can you.

• This CEO quit his job to create a new product and people are loving it: For nine years, Dave Weiner rode the same red Schwinn to work. Now the newly minted entrepreneur is the owner and CEO of a successful startup. [Read more]

• What it's like to quit your job, start a company, and fail: It's brutal (initially), but like all experiences in life, it shapes you. [Read more]

• Dreaming of quitting your job for adventures? He quit his job, crammed some stuff into a backpack and traveled the world. [Read more]