Atlanta's airport wants you to know: it's named for two people!

William B. Hartsfield had the vision of making Atlanta a global center of air travel. Maynard H. Jackson brought that dream to fruition, building the massive new terminal that bore Hartsfield's name.

More than 10 years ago, a campaign arose to change the name of the airport from Hartsfield to Jackson. The grand compromise? Call it Hartsfield-Jackson.

And so we did. Well, some of us. Well, a few of us. Sometimes.

People called the airport "Hartsfield" for decades. A lot of them still do.

Maynard Jackson's family is understandably concerned about this, and now the Atlanta City Council is, too. So the council's Transportation Committee passed a resolution demanding answers, and on Wednesday the airport unveiled its plan to double down on Hartsfield-Jackson.

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