Delta pilots offered early retirement package

Delta Air Lines is offering pilots early retirement packages as it retires some of its Boeing 747 jumbo jets.

The move comes after Delta offered early retirements across the company earlier this year. More than 1,000 employees took the early retirement offers, according to the company.

A maximum of 50 pilots can retire early through the deal offered to Boeing 747 captains and other pilots.

Boeing 747 captains are often among the most senior, well-paid pilots. They would be displaced by Delta’s decision to retire four of its 16 Boeing 747 jumbo jets this fall.

Delta has already announced plans to pull the iconic Boeing 747 from its Atlanta-Tokyo route as it retires the four 747s. The carrier inherited the 747s through its 2009 merger with Northwest Airlines.

The Air Line Pilots Association union at Delta approved the early retirement offer last week, and pilots have until the end of October to apply..

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