Delta passenger’s run-in with emotional support dog feces sparks scrutiny

An incident in which a Delta Air Lines passenger sat in his seat on the plane and ended up with dog feces on his shoes and pants is sparking scrutiny.

According to Delta, "On the previous flight, an emotional support animal became ill and the area around his seat was not appropriately cleaned following the incident."

The passenger on the Nov. 1 from Atlanta to Miami, Matthew Meehan, told Channel 2 Action News: "I was in the bathroom cleaning feces off of the back of my legs, off of my shoes. I was wearing loafers unfortunately, so the feces was all over my bare ankles."

Delta offered to rebook the customer and he declined, according to the airline. Another cleaning crew was called to clean the floor and seats before the flight departed.

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The airline also apologized to the customer, issued a refund and offered compensation including reimbursing him for his shoes and suit.

Earlier this year, Delta put in place tighter restrictions on emotional support animals, limiting each passenger to one emotional support animal and prohibiting pit bulls as service or support animals.

Delta said it is investigating the Nov. 1 incident to prevent it from happening again. After the flight, the plane was taken out of service “to be deep cleaned and further disinfected.”