Delta's Election Day commercial shows different perspective

Source; Delta Air Lines

Source; Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines took the unusual step of debuting an Election Day commercial, showing aerial views of the country.

Atlanta-based Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian explained the company’s decision on the national advertisement in a LinkedIn post.

He closes the post by writing: “I hope you will be reminded of the opportunities we have every day to bring people together.”

As aerial images of neighborhoods and cities are shown in the ad, the voice of Viola Davis says: “When you rise above the noise, the tweets, the talking heads, what you hear and what you see are two different things.”

“You hear about how we’re a nation divided. Yet from where we sit, we see no such thing,” Davis says in the commercial.

As an image of a Delta plane in the sky appears, she says in the ad: “A nice reminder, that if you really want to see what this country is made of, maybe it’s best to go see it for yourself.”

The commercial will air in rotation through 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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