Delta bringing South Africa call center work back in house

Delta Air Lines is bringing work back in house from a call center in South Africa.

In July and August, promotions and sales calls handled since 2007 by Mindpearl in South Africa will be moved back in house to Delta's Dallas call center and its other U.S. call centers. Delta also has call centers in Atlanta and other cities around the country.

"Mindpearl has actually been a very good partner," said Delta chief executive Richard Anderson in a message to employees. But he said the decision is part of the company's strategy to reduce outsourcing and bring jobs back in house. The airline has "insourced" other work in recent years.

Delta still outsources some call center work to Jamaica, but the company plans to eventually transition all North American calls back in house, said Delta spokeswoman Ashley Black.

The airline is reducing its flight capacity by about 4 percent in the second half of the year and is offering buyouts and early retirements to employees to cut its staff.

Black said that with the capacity cuts, Delta's call centers have enough staff to handle the additional calls, which amounted to about 200 jobs at Mindpearl.