Cox Media Group to sell Florida and Texas newspapers

Kim Guthrie is the president of Cox Media Group.

Kim Guthrie is the president of Cox Media Group.

Atlanta-based Cox Media Group said Tuesday it plans to sell its newspapers in West Palm Beach, Fla., and Texas.

“We have made the decision that we will be better equipped to operate our newspapers in Atlanta and Ohio, where we have the integrated opportunity with our TV and radio operations,” CMG President Kim Guthrie said in a news release. “We are deeply grateful to the employees in Austin and Palm Beach for the great work they have done over the years.”

The media company said it will sell the Palm Beach Post, Palm Beach Daily News, the Austin American-Statesmen and related community newspapers in Texas. CMG owns a number of television and radio stations across the country, as well as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Dayton Daily News in Ohio.

Guthrie called the sales a strategic decision but said the company is committed to the value of strong journalism and its role in democracy.

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