Coronavirus: UPS helps White House with rollout of drive-up testing sites

Atlanta-based shipping giant also altering delivery procedures to minimize contact

UPS is helping the Trump administration with logistics planning and operations for the opening of drive-up coronavirus testing sites.

The Sandy Springs-based shipping giant specializes in logistics planning and health care logistics in particular, and said it is helping the White House Rapid-Response Taskforce for Coronavirus Testing Sites with plans for testing sites in several cities.

The company said it is mobilizing air and ground network planning and operations teams and is ready to help with transportation for the community-based testing sites.

UPS CEO David Abney said in a written statement that the company is “prepared to fully support this urgent testing program.”

UPS transports more than 3% of gross domestic product globally and about 6% of U.S. GDP.

It has changed procedures to minimize risk amid the coronavirus pandemic, including allowing drivers to release shipments without needing a signature. Drivers may post a form on the door to be signed to allow social distancing.

“We are committed to rapidly adjusting our processes to ensure our employees, customers and communities can maintain normal daily life to the greatest extent possible while we adjust to the new realities of this pandemic,” Abney said in his statement.

Earlier on as COVID-19 first spread in China, UPS transported face masks and other protective equipment to that country.

On Wednesday, the UPS Foundation said it is giving $6 million in grants to a collection of organizations, including United Way Worldwide, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Operation Hope, Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Good360, UNICEF, World Food Programme, CARE, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent and NVOAD.