Warning: New ATM skimmers could empty your bank account

An alarming new report found there was a 70 percent increase in the number of debit cards compromised at ATMs and at card readers used by merchants in 2016, according to FICO Card Alert Service.

For years, Clark Howard has warned about thieves using skimmers at ATMs to steal your money.

Police departments nationwide are having a difficult time keeping up with the bad guys because they’re constantly using new technology to improve skimming devices.

One of the latest weapons in their arsenal is the deep-insert skimmer, a tiny device that goes inside ATM card slots.

According to TransUnion, they're different from other types of skimmers because they're placed in a way that they're usually not visible to the person using the ATM.

KrebsOnSecurity said it acquired this how-to video to show the devices in action.

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