This week in deals: Lunar New Year deals that will keep you prosperous

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Gung how fat choy (恭禧發財)! The Chinese New Year was this past Sunday. Many people in parts of Asia and across the world celebrate the first day of the lunar calendar. I grew up celebrating the Chinese New Year by eating duk guk, a traditional Korean dish with rice cakes and broth (every country has their own traditions and rituals). I was told it would bring me good fortune and an additional year of life.

We would wear our hanbok (traditional costumes), wished our elders a Happy New Year and sebae (bow to them). They would wish us good health, prosperity and happiness. After, we would get sebae don (pocket money, also known as "lucky money" for the Chinese). 

At that early age, I would take the money which would come out to be around $300 and budget for things that I needed the entire year. It was my first peak into saving money, budgeting and finding ways to buy things for less than retail price and get more for my money.

With your budget in mind for the Lunar New Year, we have 5 of the best deals on our site for you:

Deal #1: It's that time of the year where you need to start thinking about spring cleaning, maybe a yard sale and then some home remodeling projects. Take advantage of this coupon from Home Depot which gives you $10 off your order over $100. This offer is rarely offered, so use it or lose it! Expires 2/17/2013.

Deal #2: 
Do you need a cute dress, a designer handbag, some chic sunglasses or some fragrances? Use this coupon from (Neiman Marcus) and save 35% off your purchase. That's a great deal!Expires 2/14/2013.

Deal #3: Now that you're planning on cleaning out your closet, how about planning on some new things that you will be bringing into your closet. Pink Basis has a coupon that gives you 45% off your purchase. Get some really cute designer clothes, shoes or even swimwear. Expires 2/14/2013.

Deal #4: You always need a good pair of shoes. Use this coupon from and save an extra 25% on sale and clearance items, plus free shipping. Expires 2/19/2013.

Deal #5: Spring break is right around the corner. If you're going on vacation, use this coupon from Vera Bradly to get a cute bag. You will save $30 on orders over $100. Expires 2/15/2013.

There are some really great deals out there! If you do your research, you're bound to save some money and hopefully come right under budget!  See you next week when we bring you 5 more incredible deals! 새해 복 많이 받으세요 (Happy New Year in Korean)!