Comparing Yahoo and Tumblr

Yahoo is paying $1.1 billion to buy the popular blogging site Tumblr. It's part of Yahoo's comeback efforts, after years in a financial funk. Tumblr will give Yahoo more opportunities to sell advertising. Here's how the two companies compare:


FOUNDED: February 2007 by software consultant David Karp and Web developer Marco Arment.


LEADERSHIP: Founder David Karp, 26, is CEO. He owns a 25 percent stake in the company.


FINANCIALS: Tumblr's 2012 revenue was $13 million. The company's net worth was estimated by Forbes at $800 million in 2011.

SERVICES: Blogging services where people share everything from snaps of their pets to videos, and stories from Dadaab, a Kenyan refugee camp.


FOUNDED: 1994 by Stanford Ph.D. candidates David Filo and Jerry Yang

HEADQUARTERS: Sunnyvale, Calif.

LEADERSHIP: Marissa Mayer was lured from Google in July to become Yahoo's fifth CEO in as many years.


FINANCIALS: Yahoo's 2012 revenue was $5 billion, or $4.5 billion after subtracting advertising commission. It has a market valuation of $28.8 billion.

SERVICES: A wide range of services, including search, email, photo sharing and news.