Companies that earned special recognition

These companies earned special recognition for excellence in specific categories, based on comments from employees.



Stuart Gulley, Woodward Academy

Basis: Operates with transparency. Makes employees feel appreciated. Provides strategic direction.

Employee comment: His focus is on the school and the well-being of this community, not on personal gain or recognition, though he deserves both.


Thomas Hohmann, AutomationDirect

Basis: Master motivator. Positive, can-do attitude. Leads by example. Treats employees with respect.

Employee comment: He sees his job as defining the goals, then supporting us and blocking for us so we can be as successful as possible.


Bob Clark, Peak Campus Management

Basis: Makes employees feel appreciated and welcome. Cares about them. Easy to talk to.

Employee comment: He genuinely loves the industry and the Peak people. You can see his passion from miles away and it is inspiring.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center

Basis: Multi-disciplinary approach to care. Growth that allows for more patients. High satisfaction rate.

Employee comment: They are going the extra mile to care for these patients who are struggling for every breath they take.


Basis: Provides tools and space to employees. Open-door policy for meetings. Allows for flexibility.

Employee comment: They ask how we perceive our job and any concerns we might have. If there is a problem, they help us overcome the obstacle.


Slalom Consulting

Basis: Consultants can join innovation groups. Entrepreneurial culture. Feedback on ideas provided.

Employee comment: When a consultant has a new idea, the leadership team is always willing to listen and often participates in helping the idea come to fruition.


Supreme Lending, Southern Region

Basis: Operates efficiently, almost in a machine-like manner. Strives to be the best in its field.

Employee comment: They are always adjusting to the industry to keep us well-tuned and they never stop trying to find ways to be even better.


The Schenck School

Basis: Instills in employees a belief that their work changes lives. Impact exceeds mere book-learning.

Employee comment: I feel like we are truly making a difference for the children in our community.


Edward Jones

Basis: Puts clients’ best interests first. Stresses integrity, consistency and honesty on the job.

Employee comment: The culture of ethics in doing what is right for the customer resonates well with me.


The Paideia School

Basis: Actively involved in day-to-day happenings. Advocates for teachers, shields them from difficult parents.

Employee comment: They keep the focus on students but understand that when teachers feel appreciated and happy, the whole school is better.


Insight Sourcing Group

Basis: Staff meetings review the previous year, disclose plans, update on progress. Financials are shared.

Employee comment: Every level of employee gets the same detailed information at meetings and feedback is requested so each member impacts decisions.


Charter Global

Basis: Good work recognized through monetary benefits and career-building opportunities.

Employee comment: I feel appreciated because my suggestions are very important to management and properly paid attention to.


Big Nerd Ranch

Basis: Telecommuting permitted. Employees not bound by strict work shift as long as tasks get done.

Employee comment: I appreciate not being required to commute in Atlanta’s awful traffic and the fact that we communicate so effectively online.


A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab

Basis: Emphasizes staffer training to promote safety and enhance preparedness, teamwork and stress management.

Employee comment: A.G. Rhodes always tries to make our training interesting and fun. They keep us on top of new regulations.



Basis: Extensive low-cost medical coverage. Flexible spending account for dependent care.

Employee comment: The comprehensive mental, vision and dental plans make it easy to continue seeing my desired physicians.