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Coke comes in 29th globally for its internet presence

Coca-Cola has ranked 29th globally as an online player, according to a London-based international internet consultancy.

The Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence measures how well companies are performing online, taking into account a range of communication channels, including websites, mobile applications and social media.

Coca-Cola, a globally iconic brand, is also one the largest employers within the city of Atlanta and traditionally been one of the leading corporate sponsors of non-profits.

The company last year announced plans to cut jobs as part of a streamlining. The $42 billion-a-year company has been working to adapt to a changing market, one in which the company’s flagship products are sometimes targeted by activists.

Coca-Cola has more than 7,000 employees in metro Atlanta and about 9,000 in the state, including both bottling operations and its corporate headquarters.

In the Bowe Craggs survey, Coke place fourth among U.S. companies, following only Ford, IBM and Verizon.

The top ten in the ranking included three German companies, three from the United Kingdom, two from Switzerland, one from Italy and one company – Unilever – that is jointly British and Dutch, according to Bowen Craggs.

The top position was held by GSK, a healthcare and genomics company based in Britain.

The Bowen Craggs rankings have been published in the Financial Times, Forbes and other business publications.


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