‘Choose ATL’ campaign to market metro ‘digital hub’

A collection of some of metro Atlanta’s largest companies and business groups is launching a campaign to promote the area as a “digital hub” to attract high-tech minded newcomers and prospective entrepreneurs.

The “Choose ATL” brand campaign will market metro Atlanta as a place to live, build a career and start a business in technology and related industries, organizers said.

The campaign will also tout the area’s major technology companies and research institutions, which employ thousands in science, technology, engineering and medical fields, and promote the area as a destination for designers, writers, marketers, musicians and film makers.

Adam Harrell, president and co-founder of the Nebo Agency, an Atlanta-based digital marketing agency spearheading the effort, said part of the goal is to bring new talent for companies and institutions that already employ more than 300,000 in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and related fields.

“Everyone is looking for talent right now,” Harrell said. “In the last 30 days, we’ve seen more than 3,000 new job listings in design, programming and digital marketing talent. By 2018, it’s said that Georgia will need over 200,000 STEM jobs, most of those right here in Atlanta.”

Choose ATL is being funded by in-kind contributions from more than two dozen organizations and companies, including the Atlanta Tech Village, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Invest Atlanta and Startup Atlanta, and companies such as Clear Channel, Turner Broadcasting, Home Depot and Rockfish Interactive, a digital marketing agency.

Organizers have created a website, ChooseATL.com, and plan to put up 50 billboards over the next 15 months and launch multiple social media events to push the campaign. An invitation-only kick-off event is planned for next week at Atlanta Tech Village, a community of tech startups and tech-related service providers.

“From there, our goal is to really encourage residents to spread the word and reach people across the country,” Harrell said.